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We work with a unique panel of solicitors nationwide all of whom are regulated by the SRA and unlike some probate firms they take on complete responsibility for ensuring your estate is administered correctly. Working with a diverse and specialist group of professionals means we can always place your case with the most appropriate partner best qualified to deal with your estate whilst ensuring they have the capacity to deliver great customer service.

Why Choose a Probate solicitor

legal & tax
From applying for the Grant of Probate (confirmation in Scotland) to dealing with Inheritance Tax, estate administration involves a significant amount of specialist legal and tax work. Expert Probate Solicitors will manage all of this work on your behalf. Quickly and efficiently.

Over a lifetime, everyone accumulates assets and debts. As part of the estate administration process, everything has to be dealt with. Your personal estate adviser will handle everything on your behalf so that you have complete peace of mind.

Estate administration can be complex. That’s why Probate Solicitors take on full responsibility and liability so that you don’t have to worry. That means if there’s a claim on the estate, you’re covered. Estate insurance is available to protects you and your family against claims on the estate typically for ten years.

Dealing with property
The family home can be the most valuable part of an estate, financially and emotionally. A property sale service helps you achieve the best price, quickly. Your personal estate adviser handles everything from liaising with estate agents to dealing with buyers.

All the paperwork
Dealing with HMRC, liaising with utility providers, resolving pension enquiries. All of these tasks are an additional burden at a difficult time. Your personal estate adviser will deal with all of the paperwork and make the necessary calls, so you don’t have to.

Paying inheritance. Quickly.
You’ll want your personal Probate Solicitor to deal with the estate and distribute the assets as soon as possible. Ensuring initial payments to beneficiaries are quick, and at regular intervals. You and your family will receive whatever you are entitled to as soon as possible.