Make a will online

The Will Writers Network are delighted to offer you a quick, easy and affordable way to make a Will online with one of our partners Abbey Broadway.Using their solicitors approved and document review facility you can rest assured that you will have a completely legally binding professional Will.

Why Use an Online Will Writing Services

  • No appointments necessary
  • Save it and return facility
  • Telephone Support
  • Review facility

How it works in 3 easy steps

  • Create an Account
  • Complete the questionnaire with helpful guidance notes Save & Return facility
  • Review Confirm & Pay


  • If you are over 18 and live in England and Wales
  • Your instructions are straightforward
  • The value of your Estate is below £325,000 (Single person)
  • The value of your Joint Estate is below £650,000
  • You deem your wishes are straight forward and you don’t want advice

Not Suitable
This option may not be suitable if you can answer yes to any of the criteria listed below and we recommend that you seek advice if

  • You are domicile outside England & Wales
  • You own property outside England & Wales
  • You intend to live abroad on a permanent notice
  • You have a Business or Farming interest
  • You wish to leave any land, building, timeshare or intellectual property as a separate gift
  • You want to leave anything of value to a person with learning disability and or is dependent on means tested benefits
  • The value of your Estate exceeds £325,000 (Single person)
  • The value of your Joint Estate exceeds £650,000 ( Married person, Civil partnership or Widowed )

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