Will Document Storage

Keeping your Wills Safe

Once you have completed the writing of your Will and it has been signed and witnessed, it must remain valid and safe until the time comes when it is needed, however many years later. There are however a number of things that could invalidate your Will along the way. Pen marks in the wrong place, a tear or damage of some sort, loss of the Will or just simply your executors are unable to find it after your death.

All these add up to an invalid Will, so keeping the documents safe is vital some companies charge a small annual fee you can have secure document storage where all your important documents are stored professionally. Your documents are kept locally and preferable registered on a national database for ease of retrieval so your executors get access to your Will quickly.

The small annual fee for storage is sometime guaranteed never to increase and you have the facility of updating your Will as often as you need for free, ensuring it always reflects exactly what you want. (Prices and conditions vary with individual companies)

Additional Benefits

• A copy of all your documents held in storage, to keep for your records.

• A letter explaining how to retrieve your documents for each of your executors.

• Opportunity of annual update or rewrite of your Will(s).

• Storage for any additional documents you would like to securely store (Property deeds etc.)

•Easy and straightforward retrievals or deposits of any of your documents.

• Free Help-Line for your Executors with support and information about their duties after your death.

• To ensure your executors have quick and easy access to a valid and up to date Will along with professional support in sorting out Probate, make sure you ask about Secure Document Storage.

In order to ensure your executors have quick and easy access to a valid and up to date Will and professional help in sorting out your affairs, make sure you ask about secure document storage.